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paklawyer.com born with aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for Pakistanis according to Pakistani law and regulation. Pakistanis living abroad are sometimes found to have problems with thei r property or relatives at home. People in Pakistan, also on account of lack of knowledge of law sometimes find themselves in serious problems...Read more

A, offers B to buy a  house for 10 million rupees and with his proposal sends one million rupees in advance payment, if B accepts A's offer. B accept the money ( one million rupees ) but does not reply to A, any furhter, After a week of the said proposal and payment of the advance money, A learns through a broker that B was selling his house in the market to another party, Next day, B sends one million rupees back to A with a note that he declines to sell his house to A. you being an advocate dealing in property matters have been approached by A, seeking a legal advise on the matter. please give your legal opinion to your client to protect his interest in the best possible manner.

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My husband and I have joint ownership of our house. He is the only son of his mother. and mother is alive. My husband and I have two daughters. If God forbid he is not alive Does the house get automatically transferred in my name and no issue of inheritance arise or do I need a power of attorney in my name as well from my husband. I will be really grateful if you answer my query

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I want to know about age relaxation which is being given to Federal Government Employees in jobs through PPSC.

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  • I really wanna say thanks to Mr. Gull Hassan Khan Advocate for making it possible for me to stand-up for my rights. He took the charge on all major and minor matters of my case and fought strenuously for two years and got me won my case maintenance case . Highly professional, highly eligible, efficient, trustworthy and yes most of all a very good human being, I totally refer him to all of you, He truly changed my views about the law fraternity of Pakistan . God Bless you always. Jazaak’ALLAH.

    Nida Butt


  • I say many many thanks to Pakalwyer Associates and especially Gull Hassan Khan Adv for helping me with zeal and zest in my family matter.  I highly recommend this firm for family cases.

    Zainab Ali


  • I was searching for a free legal advice and luckily found paklawyer Associates. After first call to Paklawyer Associates, I was very much convince to engage this Law firm. I am much satisfied and say thanks to Paklawyer Associates .

    Moen Aslam


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Real Estate Consultants
Real estate in Pakistan is an important and growing sector of economy of Pakistan. Pakistan spends $5.2 billion on construction in a year. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, construction output accounts for 2%...
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Family Laws
Our Law firm is  providing legal advice and representation in family cases including divorce, Khula, domestic violence, child custody, child support, recovery of dower, recovery of maintenance of minor , recovery of maintenance of wife , recovery of Haq...
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PAKLAWYER.COM was launched in 2010 to fulfill the growing need of peoples searching the Internet for immediate and easy access to understandable legal advice. It has been seen that many people who do not have the means to hire the legal services of a lawyer and there are a lot of people who do not know their rights, or do not know how to proceed when something goes wrong and requires legal intervention It is aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for Pakistanis according to Pakistani law and regulation specially Pakistanis living abroad.
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