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Child Custody and Guardianship

Children are the focus of gravity in Islamic Family traditions and laws. When spouses are together, upbringing their children is paramount joint responsibility. Not only physical care and health, but emotional, educational, and religious welfare and well being are mutual responsibility. When spouses separate by divorce or annulment, these welfare responsibilities get also split according to best abilities of each parent. While fathers are vested with the financial burden and legal guardianship roles, mothers are given the role of physical carer and emotive guardian of children.

In Pakistan, Guardian Courts are working under Guardian and Wards Act 1890 and Family Courts Act 1964 to resolve the burning issues of custody of minors after divorce. The Mother holds a superior right to custody of children over the father, In case of a second marriage by mother, if minor is female preference shall be given to the father. But in all cases, the welfare of minor remains the paramount consideration before a Guardian Judge to decide a custody petition.

Meeting with a minor is a fundamental right of a mother or father who does not hold the legal custody of a minor, therefore, the Court always arranges the meeting on a weekly or monthly basis and on special occasions like Eid, Shab e Barat, and summer vacations etc.

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