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Real estate properties in Pakistan are in the form of a house or residential plot, agricultural land, commercial property or industrial facility etc. Residential plots or houses are commonly located in a housing society or estate. Some of these authorities are owned and operated by the Government, for example Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad, Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA), while many are privately owned and operated such as Bahria Town. On the other hand agricultural lands, industrial facilities and commercial properties etc. are also located within the jurisdiction of respective authority for example revenue department, town, city government, government trust or other entity. All title/ownership record maintained by these authorities and organizations is public record and certified copies can be obtained following the prescribed procedure. A purchaser of property will often require copies of title record in order to verify and investigate the title of property and to know about any lien, mortgage or other charge on the property. We can assist you seamlessly getting through this procedure and you can obtain copies of such title documents within shortest possible time. Feel free to discuss your particular situation with us. We can deliver the required documents to you anywhere in the world. Please click here to view useful information about real estate transactions and laws in Pakistan.

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Real Estate Consultants

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