Age Relaxation Rules for the Initial appointment to Civil Posts has been mentioned here with detail. These rules are according to the 1993 relaxation of Upper Age Limit Rules Vide Islamabad, the 4th November, 1993. S.R.O. 1079(I)/93. These Rules will not be applicable for the appointment to the posts in BPS-17 to be filled through…

Interim order fixing maintenance allowance From Family Court of minor and Wife; Under section .17A of the West Pakistan family courts act , 1964 during pendency of proceedings before the family court ; financial constraints faced by minors were ameliorated. 2019 CLC 1261 LAHORE-HIGH-COURT-LAHORE Syed MUHAMMAD TAQI RAZA NAQVI Versus  JUDGE FAMILY COURTS. 17-A—interim maintenance ,…

Adoption of Christian Child from Pakistan by American Nationals: A case Law Study   PLJ 2012 Karachi 177 Present: Salman Hamid, J Mrs. INGRID PEREIRA and another–Petitioners versus ADDITIONAL DISTRICT JUDGE, KARACHI SOUTH and 2 others–Respondents C.P. No. S-762 of 2011, decided on 16.11.2011. Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 (VIII of 1890)– —-S. 7, 10…

 Succession: Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961   Citations / Case Law study on  Succession  2015  SCMR  869     SUPREME-COURT 4— Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 203-D(2), proviso & 203F(1), (3)—Succession—Death of any son or daughter of the propositus before the opening of succession—Inheritance right of children of such son or daughter—Repugnancy to Injunctions of Islam—Section 4 of…

2015 PLD 336 LHCMARIAM BIBI through Abida Parveen Vs   NASEER AHMAD S. 5, Sched.—Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 199—Constitutional petition—Suit for recovery of maintenance allowance for adopted minor —Concept of “constructive guardianship”—Fiduciary obligations and duties of adoptive parents towards minor —Question before the High Court was whether husband/adoptive father was compelled to pay maintenance allowance for minor who…

Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment involves unwanted or unwelcome behavior, which can offend, humiliate, and intimidate a person while creating a hostile working environment. Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to: Making unwelcome sexual advances. Verbal harassment or abuse, verbal or written communication (it includes narration of sexual incidents, emailing or messaging or showing explicit…

THE PUNJAB PROTECTION OF WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE ACT 2016 (Act XVI of 2016) [29 February 2016] An Act to establish an effective system of protection, relief and rehabilitation of women against violence. Since the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, while guaranteeing gender equality, enables the State to make any special provision for the protection of women,…

The requirements of valid Talaq under Shia Laws:    A divorce must be pronounced orally in the presence of two competent witnesses and a talaq/divorce communicated in writing is not valid unless the husband is incapable of pronouncing it orally. The presence of witnesses is a condition precedent of a valid talaq/divorce according to Fiqha…

Citation Name : 2014 SCMR 343 SUPREME-COURT    Side Appellant : SHABANA NAZ   Side Opponent : MUHAMMAD SALEEM   Ss. 7 & 25—mother ‘s claim for guardianship of minor daughter—Second marriage by mother with a person not related to minor within prohibited degree— Father having three children from second marriage —Validity—Mere second marriage by…



  • Activate your firewall
    Firewalls are the first line of cyber defense; they block connections to unknown or bogus sites and will keep out some types of viruses and hackers.
  • keep your windows software updates.
  • Use anti-virus/malware software
    Prevent viruses from infecting your computer by installing and regularly updating anti-virus software. These steps will be helpful to prevent cyber crimes against your computers.


  • Be cautious when giving out personal information such as your name, address, phone number, or financial information on the Internet. Make sure that websites are secure (e.g. when making online purchases) or that you’ve enabled privacy settings (e.g. when accessing/using social networking sites).
  • Censor your self on social media. Disclosing where you’re taking your vacation or turning on the tracker enables identity theft. In addition, be mindful of what you post online about others. We sit on vast amounts of data concerning family, friends, and colleagues. Be a good steward of that information. These steps will be helpful to prevent cyber crimes against your personal information.


  • Always secure your smartphone with a strong password
  • Ensure that your device locks itself automatically
  • Install security software
  • Only download apps from approved sources
  • Check your apps permissions
  • Don’t miss operating system updates
  • Be wary of any links you receive via email or text message
  • Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connection
  • When browsing or shopping on your phone (or computer), always look for “https” in the URL instead of “HTTP”.


  • Never use same PIN CODE for multiple bank accounts
  • Never use unprotected PCs at cybercafes for internet banking
  • Never keep your pin code and cards together
  • Never leave the PC unattended when using internet banking in a public place
  • Register for Mobile SMS, Email Transaction Alerts
  • Never reply to emails asking for your password or pin code
  • Visit banks website by typing the URL in the address bar
  • Log off and close your browser when you are done using internet banking
  • When using ATM always conceal keypad before entering pin code
  • Before using ATM, make sure that there is no extra device installed in the surroundings. These steps will be helpful to prevent cyber crimes against your computers.


  • Use extra security features to access an account (security code, Login alert etc)
  • Use login notification alert
  • Allow specific individuals to view your contents (Videos, Photos and Friends etc.)
  • Control who can contact you
  • Block your profile from search engines
  • Change Default Administrator Passwords and Usernames of the Wi-Fi Router
  • Use a complex password and change Password after regular intervals
  • Position the Router or Access Point Safely
  • Turn off the Network / Wi-Fi routers if it is not in use.
  • These steps will be helpful to prevent cyber crimes against your privacy and personal information.


  • What you put online will always remain there
  • Never trust any free online content
  • Dont provide personal information online to get something free
  • Don’t click on links inside e-mails or messages

CALL THE RIGHT PERSON FOR HELP in case you are a victim of cybercrime

  1. Don’t panic! If you are a victim, if you encounter illegal Internet content (e.g. child exploitation, child pornography ) or if you suspect a computer cybercrime, identity theft, or a commercial scam, report this to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) or call 9911.
  2.  If you need help with maintenance or software installation on your computer, consult with your service provider or a certified computer technician.
  3.  you may engage Legal Consultation/pleading services of  Pak-Lawyer Associates to secure your legal fundamental rights.
  4. you may find the Best Password Manager @ Find the Best Password Manager | Password Manager

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