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Dear Sir,
4 months back i have given 1 Talaq to my wife and within a week time i have contacted with Pak Lawyer Forum and contact for Mufti for fatwa. Both sides answer was Talaq is not happened. On the 2nd day of my 1 Talaq, my wife family members came to my house and they taken all the jahez/dowry, including my wife forcibly to their home. Since than i have try several times to contact with my wife and her family members. My wife family members are not willing to send her back with me neither my wife anymore interested. Moreover they are putting different type of conditions on me like do this first, do that first etc.etc.
I know that in future i will face such kind of things as well and cannot spend rest of life with her. I want to get khula from my wife, kindly guide me the right way for that, i don’t want to go against the law.


  1. you have already given divorce to your wife,,, A man has a right to divorce ans women has the right of Khula. Now you may get the divorce certificate on the basis of given divorce if you have already submitted the same to concern union council or may also send the final notice of talaq again..

    I think you should at least consult us on telephone or if possible visit our office for more consultation.

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