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Dear Sir,
I have given 1 time divorce to my wife through the SMS and the contents for the message is “Aap ko shohar ki ezzat na kurnay, shohar say sahee tareeqay say baat na kurnay per aaj mein Mehboob Ahmed aap ko pehli 1 talaq deta hoon”.
Reaction of my message that my wife family came to my house and they said divorce is happened, we dont’ want further clarification and they use bad language with me and also they took whole jahez items which my wife brought with her and also they threat me.
My question is with you, do the divorce is consider just upon one time to say?
At present what will be my rights? Can you please advise me as per Pakistan and Islamic laws.
I will appreciate your answer on this matter.
Thanks & Regards,


  1. Its only one divorce and even oral !

    she is still your wife.. this notice can be withdrawn by you within 90 days,

    you should withdraw it now through sms again or through a written notice
    to Union council .

    on the other side you must file a report(FIR) before local police
    regarding incident i..e threatening and illegal snatching of dowry items.
    otherwise in future they may file a case for recovery of dowry etc against

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