Question :

1.Fir registered u/s 336,342,337L2,148,149 after a delay of 6 months against 3 Petitioners ( one complaint and two fir witness In case of 365 abductees not recovered ) 2. Eyes witness statement police took the persons from home no private person was supporting them. 3. Injured was in police custody and in inqury report proved tortured by police MLC aalso include it was police torture. 4 in first invstgn all private persons declared innocent and police officals not joined investogstion. 5 in secnd investgatn police declared 2 private persons innocent who have attributed role in fir and 3 other private persons declared accused of abatment no sepcific role attributed in Fir. 6 Provincial medicolegal opinion at time of occurance injured have renal failure but now his abdoman , blood uria and critine are normal and injured chart report describe thst he was in police custody and tortured by police. 7. Dpp on application added 367.. 337k in Fir according to the contents of fir My question is private persons can bail be granted or not?


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