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Dear experts,
I need guidance for civil case. A civil case was exparte decreed in District Court in 2005 and appeals were dismissed in 2012 means that exparte decree got finality in district level courts and can only be challenged for civil revision in higher court. But appellant, applied for possession of same property in district Court showing additional proofs which are enough supportive to challenge and break exparte degree which got finality. Now keeping in view this scenario my question is that is it possible that district Court will consider the new supportive proofs and will set aside exparte finalized decree and decree the suit with current new grounds? Or this Court will dismiss the suit and will refer to higher courts? Thanks in advance, looking for expert opinions from experts.


  1. when did they challenge the ex-parte decree after appeal …? when did they file an appeal after 2005..? also mention the date of orders .?
    It ll be better consult us at our office with all related documents.

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