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Asslam U Alikum! My Brother adopted a child of his Brother-in-law. And in ID card of that child,My brother instead of entering the real father s` of that child,entered his own name as his father. Now my brother is dead. That adopted child is becoming partener in the property which is to be distributed among us. That is against the rules of ISLAM. Now I want to remove my brother name from id card of that child and enter the true father name of that child. IS IT POSSIBLE? IF YES? THE TELL HOW? OR TELL TIME WHEN WE CALL TO YOU?


  1. yes, it can be but you should be ready to fight a long battle as now he is not minor.legally now he is a real son as per public document i,e NIC card. you have right to challenge the status before the civil court as an adopted son is not entitled to receive any inheritance.

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