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Assalam-o-Alaikum WR WB, I live in Shahdara, Lahore where we have a house inherited from our deceased father. We are six siblings and mother. Around two years back the house was transferred to my name (before that it was in my father’s name). At the time of this recent transfer, all my siblings and mother signed in my favour to complete the legal requirement. Now I want to know if there’s a way that we sign an affidavit stating that all the siblings and our mother are shared owner of this house (wherein we could mention the percentage of share of each person).

My query is as follows:
1- Is such type of affidavit possible, if yes, does it require to be attested from some authority and how it can be prepared?
2- Is such an affidavit enough legal document along with photocopy of the house registry to claim the share in future anytime by the person or his/her heirs?
3- Is there another better way to do it other than preparing an affidavit?



  1. NO such type of affidavit shall not be sufficient, There should be a clear agreement regarding the house that you have gifted the inherited property accordingly and respected share of each person should be mentioned. It ‘ll be better to get it in writing through a lawyer on stamp paper of Rs.1200/- and get it registered.

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