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Salam. I am a resident of Mansehra city, KPK, Pakistan. I retired from service recently and made a deal with a person to buy a house (for my residence) at my home city, for Rs 30 lakhs. After agreement I paid 50% advance out of total price to seller on condition that he would provide full documents, municipal NOCs, pay local taxes etc and complete all necessary formalities relating to the said property by 1st Dec ember 2016. However, so far, completed and given some documents but not all and has delayed/asked for extra time , 2-3 times already to date; but without any results. I am afraid that this person might not break agreement/contract. I dont wish to lose the monies already invested . What should I do please? What is the proper legal procedure in this regard? I would appreciate your advice /guidance thanks.


  1. you may file a suit for specific of performance of agreement before civil court, meanwhile you may also get a stay order regarding suit property,

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