Question :

sir we bought a land 20 years ago from some people and we paid them all the amount that was decided and documentation was there but there was a 3rd party that encroached our land and
made false documentation and from 20 years they are sitting on the land its a cultivable land and we went to court and court had been given orders that to give the land back but eveytime
we go there to take back the kabza the gardawar is been paid by the 3rd part so they are pre plan and they call for the stay there stay has been kharrij for several times but still we
are fighting for 20 years and it is obvious that the land is ours so sir please tell me how many times one can have stay orders and how to counter a stay order in legal and 100% merit
bases according to law


  1. In my opinion, you should file a writ petition before the High court for necessary directions to concern Judge and revenue authority.

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