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I’m American revert Muslim. My ex wife is from Pakistan. We married in and live in Saudi Arabia. We have a three years old son. We got divorced unfortunately. But she has never allowed me to meet him. After coming to Islam I have no family, while her father and brothers have even threatened me to let go off all my rights over my son. My question is: can she legally take our son out of country without my permission? Anywhere like Canada or her home town in Pakistan? Is there a requirement for my consent before she can take our son to Pakistan? I won’t be able to see him at all then.


  1. As per my understanding, your son is American national…? In that case the Pakistani court has no jurisdiction to entertain this case. you should file a petition before Saudia Govt for his custody, so that his custody could not be removed.
    yes, there is definitely need a NOC from father if a minor travel to abroad. if he got succeeded to move to other country then you may file a case in that country.

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