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Sir please help in seeking justice.I had given an application to Director anti corruption Peshawar against my uncles who had transferred my mothers property through power of ottorney(muhkteyar nama aam) by using fake thumbprints and fake signatures without my mothers concern.The incharge of regional office of anti corruption recorded statements of all involved persons but my uncles who did this fraud with us had given their statements that they have lost this mukhteyar nama.So my question is now what will happen or any legal action we can take against them because we have photocopy of this mukhteyar nama which can’t go through forensic investigation. Can I file criminal suite against them or it is civil matter? Please answer me as quick as u can I will be waiting for response from your side.God Bless You.


  1. Please do remember he also submitted a same copy before registrar with original signatures, you can a certified copy from there. on the other hand anti corruption should registered the case without verification first on the basis of preliminary investigation. file a writ petition before justice of peace for registration of criminal case and then before high court.

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