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AOA , my name is ahmed , my question is
i divorced my wife in 2012 august and went to uk , my ex-wife file suit for custody and maintenance of childs in uk and uk court confiscate my passport and while i was stuck in uk , she went to pakistan and got transfer my Car into her name and sold it to third party apparently , when i came to know about it i immediately call my servant and lodge fir against her and when court return my passport i immediately rushed towards pakistan and gave application to ETO , ETO summoned 5 times to both my ex wife and third person but they did nt appear so ETO by giving expartee decision cancelled both subsequent transfers,against which that person file declaration in civil court my question is ETO wrote in his decision given under motor vehicle ordinance 1965 which is a special law and they didnt give any chq against which they purchase car, third one they have only tpurchase receipt which is give on their own letter pad(on the letter pad of buyer) and no one is present to deny or accept it my question is , isnt it the jurisdiction of ETO, then director excise , then commissioner , i mean how he can assail the jurisdiction of civil court


  1. civil court enjoys the ultimate jurisdiction, so it can be filed there.

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