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Dear Sir:
My Uncle Was Arrested in Fake Case of Robbery we apply for bail from high court Abbottabad & Court Grant them Bail from Battgram Jail.
But when we go to district court battgram for machalkay for the opposite part Force us with Guns & Gun men to not submit machalkay for bail & Black Mail us that if any one give the guarantee for bail they will kill them in court . this action is against the court order
what is the solution to this Problem / What nessary action should we take for that kindly help us.


  1. There are other options too… but how you can assure us that this time the opposition party shall akkiw you to act upon the advice. ..?

    If there is any threat then you may go to police or court BUT there is no other option, you have to submit the surety bonds if not in your district then you may file an application before High Court to submit the same before high court or in any other district.

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