AOA, My name is Usama Ijaz and I live and work in Rawalpindi. I have three brothers. At the time of the birth of my youngest brother, Abdullah (22Yrs Old), he was adopted by my uncle (father's elder brother) as per my father's decision. What they do was, in B-form they have written my uncle's name in his father's column. Now we want to remove the uncle's name in father's column in NADRA ID and academic certificates. Kindly advice in this matter. My younger brother now lives in Sargodha doing his MBBS from a private medical university.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 by usama421948


  1. Yes, if your brother is willing to change the same, he may file a suit before Civil court for declaration. After some process court shall issue a declrary Decree in favour of your brother then same could be changed in NADRA record etc.

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