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Salam alikom.
We are 3 Bro and 3 sister, father died and mother alive.My father gave to HOUSE to my mother before his death.All of us are married.Now my mother living in her own house with my younger married brothr with his family. Another brothers are living separately.
My younger brother with his brother without our knowledge took loan 2 crore rupees from bank on mother house ten years ago but last year this matter was disclosed.
Now he didn’t giving us house documents and not telling details about bank loan.
He took house document from my mother ten years ago and my mother is sick and old person , now she is 80.
All of us are helpless .Please guide us what we should do now .
1- Is he right to take HISSA in property after taking huge amount from bank with DHOKA BAZEE and cheating with us.
Because he said I will take more amount.

Mrs Noor


  1. if property has already been transferred in the name of your mother , then your brother cant get the loan on his name, in my opinion the house has ready been transferred in the name of your brother , So in that case there will be mo inheritance and you shall not be entitled for any share. So as soon possible get the things clear , even u may ask the bank for record of your house and loan amount.

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