Question :

A guy is blackmailing me he has some inappropriate pictures and videos of me. He asked me to pay him 50000rs otherwise he will leak those pictures and videos and also tell my family. I don’t want my family to know about all this. I am in big tension. What should I Do? I’m a student. I am just 23 years old. Please help me.


  1. Don’t Get Blackmail from anyone in life , Just keep one thing in mind as you have fear of family, the blackmailer sahll have also. If once you started paying , it ll not be end till yuor death.

    Be brave visit our office to report this crime to FIA, we shall make sure that your name shall not be disclosed. you may also report the same directly to FIA or online @

    It shall be better, if you could visit the Director FIA. we are here to help u, plz do not hesitate to call us @ 0321 4610092.

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