I have booked Qurbani share in a cow for Rs.12649 against order no 96185708331 with Metro Cash and Carry. Delivery date and time was ..22.08.2018..between 3 pm to 6pm...but now Metro Cash and Carry's staff called and refuse to deliver today from these no 03249490078, 03245000262. It is a religious matter and must be taken on priority..I have also called on helpline but nobody listened... Now I want my money refund and damages because I have lost Eid Qurbani...

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 by muh_nae


  1. yes, It’s very sad to listen. you have every right to recover your amount. You may file a complaint before consumer court and also file a suit for recovery of damages against mental torture and cause hindrance in a religious obligation due to their faulty service. Please do visit our office with proofs of booking. We ‘ll do our best to resolve your grievances.