Question :

A, offers B to buy a  house for 10 million rupees and with his proposal sends one million rupees in advance payment, if B accepts A’s offer. B accept the money ( one million rupees ) but does not reply to A, any furhter,

After a week of the said proposal and payment of the advance money, A learns through a broker that B was selling his house in the market to another party, Next day, B sends one million rupees back to A with a note that he declines to sell his house to A.

you being an advocate dealing in property matters have been approached by A, seeking a legal advise on the matter. please give your legal opinion to your client to protect his interest in the best possible manner.


  1. if there is any written proof you may file a suit for specific performance of agreement in civil court. Court ll stay the sell of house on first date. he should sell this house to you or as per law bound to return the double payment received as token money.

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