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i sold a car 2 years ago, which was registered in my name but the person i sold that car did not transferred the vehicle and sold to another and in two years the car was sold to 5 people after me and the fifth and last one was a lady from whom the car was captured by ACLC on doubts that its paint is differs from its invoice(blue instead of White), and after forensic test of its chassis they found out that the chassis numbers are tempered or changed (according to their verbal statement) and its an stolen car and now recovered from that lady. now they have gathered all sellers including me and asking us all to compensate the car value with that lady because the lady bought that car 4 months ago and she is not giving up on that car and she is willing to launch FIR against that seller before her(a naval commander). so the ASI from ACLC wants us all to compensate to that lady for that car so she will not launch any complaint.
Its more than two weeks passed, but ACLC haven’t proceeded any legal procedures against that car its still clear in CPLC and Excise records and they are saying that they are not proceeding because nothing is decided yet.
please guide me where i am standing in this situation and should i compensate that lady or what should i do in my defense.


  1. you did nor mentioned from where you bought the car……..?

    If you did not tempered the car then there is no such need of worry, let then register a FIR, you can easily get pre arrest bail and the would be able to prove your self innocent.

    if you tempered it then compromise is best solution. I can give you a precious advice, why dont you get registered a FIR first …..?

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