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Change of name procedure:
Dear sir, I’m living in Saudi Arabia and have a valid work visa and coming back to Pakistan in April. I really want to change my name in all official documents including passports and ID card etc. What is the proper procedure of changing name and will it affect my visa or not and how long it takes to change the name.

Name(now): Syed Zille Hasnain Ameer
Name(wanted): Zille Hasnain Naqvi


  1. yes you can change your name easily but definitely you have to get a new visa again as the name on passport ll also change and you ll get a new passport for travel as old one will be expired in case of new issuance.
    it ll take 45 to 60 days for issuance of declaration decree against public at large and NADRA. PLEASE contact us at or call us at +92 335 90 99 100 for more info.

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