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Hello Sir,
I want to inquire about one legal matter, i hope you will answer it well. Thanks in advance
Q1- There is a cheque of me, that is dishonored 2 months ago. there is no legal step taken against me. but i want to say that i have given this cheque to my friend but the cheque is not filled by me but off course sign on the cheque is authentic. Now what will be the best solution for me to protect myself against any legal proceeding as cheque is dishnonored (4 lac rupees)
I have not taken any loan against the cheque or any obligation against it. no agreement is there against the cheque. i have filed a case against a party and in return they have bought this cheque from a friend of mine. Seeking clear legal help from your side. Thanks


  1. The important question is how your friend got this cheque and what legal action has been taken by you till now.

    you may file a police complaint against your friend , who making a criminal breach of trust handed over the cheque to other party

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