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AoA Sir my mother birth place is karachi pakistan she born on 1953 as per old and new cnic . but in 2006 her cnic was on computerized. she go to nadra office to Get new Cnic and nadra person said her where was you born and she said india .so the person who complete her form was written she is from india my father was pakistan he is GOVT servant & ADVOCATE ALSO BUT HE DIED IN 2009 sir my mother CNIC was Expired and Nadra offical Said Give Her Citizen Ship Certificate so we Renew her Cnic Sir im having a big Trouble sir can you Please tell me what i Can do????


  1. it was in 2006 and now its 2017,did you take any action against this block of NIC,..?

    you may now file a suit for declaration before civil court if own all the proofs or may also file a writ petition before high court for a speedy remedy ,

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