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Dear sir,

Assalamwalaikum. My name is Abdur Rahman from Bangladesh. I like to inform you that my father and mother and we four brother and one sister we all migrated from India to east Pakistan in the year 1957. In the year of 1971 time of liberation my father,mother and two younger brother and sister left the east Pakistan for West Pakistan unfortunately east Pakistan independent as Bangladesh so i and my elder brother could not enter west Pakistan.In the year 1974 my two younger brother left Pakistan for USA on Pakistani pasport and now they are citizen of USA. My father mother and sister is expired my sister left behind two son and one daughter they all are in Rawalpindi.I am citizen of Bangladesh Now i want to stay in Pakistan i have one daughter n one son how i can get the citizenship of Pakistan.


  1. its very much difficult for you but still have chance to get the citizenship of Pakistan. you can come here on visit visa and then it can be changed to permanent stay. after five years of stay you ll be eligible for citizenship.

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