Question :

Dear Respected Lawyers Team,
We won the eviction petition back in 2007 and got the possession of the house
but our request of rent was not entertained.For this purpose court direc=
ted us to file a separate suit for the rent claim.
We filled a suit for claiming rent,lawyer fee and damages.Court decided the=
matter in our favor partially and we won as far as rent and lawyer fee is =
concerned but damages were turned down in 2010.
The respondent have submitted the rent in court but as far as lawyer fee is=
concerned they went into appeal in the additional courts.Our matter is sti=
ll pending in additional court and the arguments are still left.
My question is that what are the chances that we will get the lawyer fee as=
trial court has decided in our favor?


  1. yes, you ll get the lawyer fee as well. you should also claim damages before appellate court as you have suffer mental torture agony and loss of business.

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