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the company can sue me because it was not registered


I was working in a company as a support Assistant/ Virtual Assistant and my pay was 28000 and after 7 months I was given a raise of 3 thousand rupees.
They also deducted 3000 rupees from my salary in lieu of provident fund.

I came to know that company was not registered and they didn’t give any experience. Certificate either. So I decided to move on.
I gave them my resignation on September 11 2021.
As soon as I gave resignation the CEO of company called me and asked to wind up all things in 4 days and also also told me that my last day will be September 15.
When I inquired about my salary and remaining dues which they used to deduct in lieu of provident fund, I was told to meet HR.
I inquired HR and he told me that after one week your dues will be cleared.

From September 20 to November 7, I called so many times for my remaining dues but I was not given any satisfactory answer.
Then one day HR told me that the company has changed its policy and Now you will get your remaining dues after minimum 3 months and no maximum limit.

I knew that It was the habit of CEO of not clearing the remaining dues of his employees because he didn’t clear the dues of many other employees of the company as well.

The company filed a recovery suit of 1 million dollars or equivalent Pakistani Rupees against me on 27 Jan 2021 for hacking and deleting the system of one of its clients.

The irony is that they presented me in the suit that I joined the company as a Programmer whereas I joined the company as a virtual assistant/support assistant.
As support assistant, I didn’t have any access to any of the client system and all the passwords are protected through encrypted applications even usb ports were disabled.
My question here is that whether this company can sue me because it was not registered when I was working in it.?

Thank you.


  1. it seems that you are not much aware of the legal status of the company. as an unregistered company could not file a suit against any person. on the other hand, you should file a recovery suit or a complaint before wages authority fro recovery of your salary etc.

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