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Assalamaakum My daughters nikkah conducted in Faisal Masjid, but after the advice of Nikah khau of Faisal masjid we register the Nikah certificate in Cantt area sadder Karachi because the bride live in Karachi Cantt area whereas groom live in Islamabad . I apply in cantonment board refuse for computerized nikkah nama and said that you reproduce new nikkah Nama sign all with Faisal masjid Nikah khau signature and register in Islamabad than got computerized nikkah certificate. My question is that either the I will prepare new one or the original is fulfill the requirements of NADRA


  1. it seems some thing is wrong with the Nikkah certificate (some wrong column filling )other wise if it was registered here then NADRA certificate should be issued from cantonment board.

    if you are telling every one that nikkah was conducted at Islamabad then every law knowing ll ask you to registered it there.

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