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In the month of April 2016, we started our treatment from concept fertility centre Karachi, with the great hope as we didn’t have kid for 9 years. After an initial consultation with the coordinators, I was advised to pass three semen analysis tests. Upon reviewing the semen analysis results, the doctors recommended us to go for ICSI as they found some good survival percentage for the treatment. All the three samples were sent for freezing and my wife treatment was started. Meanwhile, I was given the permission to go back to Australia as I was not needed for further treatment. Before leaving, I discussed it with Mr. Rashid (Embryologist) that I’m going back to Australia, if you ever have to call me then keep at least 10 days as I have to apply for the visa and ticket which takes time. But Mr. Rashid assured me that he would not call me and the frozen samples are good enough to be used for the ICSI.
During the ovarian stimulation process of my wife, I contacted him again as if my presence is important but his answer was no. After few days, my wife conveyed me his message to contact him, so did I and he said it would be better for me to come to Pakistan, I told him that I’m coming. On the day of my arrival they had done the egg pick up of my wife and collected 4 eggs. He tried to fertilize the eggs with my frozen sperms. Next day I passed the fresh sample and went to see Mr. Rashid, after some wait he came and told me that unfortunately fertilization didn’t happen because of the low-quality sperm, but there is a good news that the fresh sample is good with a high survival percentage. I asked him that why did he use the frozen sample instead of the fresh one, when he knew that I am coming. Upon that he gave us a hope that there is one more option to make an embryo with the already been treated egg if he injects the fresh sperm into the already treated egg. I told him that I don’t know nothing about the medical terminology if he thinks that he can develop it by doing so then go ahead. I went back home and in the evening, I received him phone call that the embryo is developed successfully but next morning, he called us and gave us the bad news that it couldn’t survive further. Next morning, I went to see Mr. Rashid who was feeling guilty and told us to accept it as a will of God and he gave me the impression that the next treatment will be free. But in the same week, he migrated to Canada. I met with Dr. Shehnaz, she said that she would talk to the management and get back to me. After few days, I received a call from Mr. Wasim (Country Manager). He called me to his office to discuss the matter. I went to see him in his office where he offered me Rs. 50,000/- concession in the next treatment. I declined his offer and explained him the whole story I went through. He heard me patiently and realized that the loss was much higher than the offer he made, he promised me that he would put it in front of his boss and let me know what he could do for me. In the month of July, we made up our mind to go for the treatment and met with Mr. Wasim again. He took me to his boss, who was busy in a meeting, He heard my story and passed the instruction to Mr. Wasim to give us special consideration. Next day, I met Mr. Wasim again to know about the treatment but he offered me the same Rs. 50,000 concession, which was rejected earlier by me and gave us the reason as he had heard only one sided story of mine but not Dr. Shehnaz.

My Questions are:
• Why was I assured that my frozen samples were of good quality for the egg fertilization, if they were inadequate to use?
• Why was I called from Australia, if Embryologist had to use the frozen samples?
• Why did he use my fresh sample into the already been treated egg knowing the fact that I’ve severe Oligospermia and I am running out of sperms?
• Why did they hold us if the intention was not to give us free treatment?

The Reason of Treatment Failure are:
The untimely information, the attempt of fertilization of egg with the inferior quality and almost dead sperm, the union of fresh sperm with already been treated egg and the lack of coordination were the reasons of our treatment failure.
I and my wife had suffered severe physical, medical and financial loss because of the hospital. In sort of comfort, we were told that the hospital will compensate us but in the name of compensation, they offered us Rs. 50,000/- which is kind of a joke with us. Is this really a compensation for the trauma we went through, due to the incompetency of the clinic?
It is, therefore, my humble request to kindly consider the matter.


  1. you have two remedies and both can be used simultaneously,
    you may file a suit for damages against them before the civil court or a complaint before Consumer court.
    you may get register a FIR for the negligence of Doctor from concern Police station.

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