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AOA sir My cousin is used to beat his mother brother and sister.He wants to marry a girl which is characterless and girl is also agree to marry and come to their house with my cousin infont of them..and she only see their money and property, thats why she is also agreed on marriage and her family too. My cousin himself is only 20 years old with xii pass and is jobless.and keeps beating his mother sot that she become agree on their marriage..What should they do?


  1. There is no special law for parents and children. The mother may call the police for registration of a criminal case against her son. she may also kick him out from her home if she is the owner of the house.

  2. 21/06/2019

    yes she is owner..but how can he kick out?can she obtained a legal paper from court that can be shown to his son for keeping fear that if he come again in the house or did anything wrong outside the house than she will call the police?

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