Dear Sir, AOA My two criminal original Petition Nos.205/17 & 51/18 (In person) in Landmark Judgment given in Crl. Original Petition No. 89/2011 (despite having most strong reasons & un-rebuttable documents) have been dismissed by Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan with a short order without assigning any reason by simply saying that: "After hearing the Ld. counsel we are not inclined to initiate contempt proceedings against respondents. The criminal original petition is therefore, dismissed". I filed crl.original petition against that order at Karachi registry. It was however returned for removal of a very simple objection from principal seat Islamabad stating therein that (complete addresses of parties are not shown in title. Having removed that I re-filed it at Karachi registry well within the time so allowed. When contacted Islamabad the concerned Crl. branch informed that it has not been received by them while the personnel at Karachi also dont reply properly except red-tapism. I have wrote to Registrar, Islamabad and Deputy Registrar Karachi registry, but I dont get response. What should I do int he evolved circumstances.

Thursday, January 17th, 2019 by amanansari1962