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Hello, i want to know somethings about my family problems. I would be ever thankful if you could help me.
As far as I can remember my husband was always very arrogant and ill mannered, he used to abuse me physically and mentally. And never gave any expense to me even though he was earning quite good. And was always against pur children’s education. So eventually i had to work for educating my children. When I started to earn he used to take all my earnings by beating me. Now after 22 years of marriage he still haven’t changed a bit, so now I’m going for khula and want to be free of him. But now some of my relatives are saying that your children would be distributed between you both. And i don’t want to give my children to him, neither does any of my child want to go with him and they all hate him. Can you give me any information about custody of my children. Here are the details
My first son is 21 years old
My second son is 19 years old
And my only daughter is 14 years old.
Thank you in advance.


  1. your two children are already major they can live where they want to live . one girl is 14 years old and she can made her intelligence preference. So, no need to worry for the custody of children.

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