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dear sir pl advise legallity; that a dealer give me biana amount for purchase of my plot, now the target date has expired and on his request i hve granted 30 days more but again he didn’t pay the rest amount as agreed. he has given me biana on his written agency paid ‘that if seller not transfer my property he will pau double of amount and if buyer not paid within the target date, the biana amount will be with held by the seller. Now i hve send notice by post to him to cancel the deal but he has not responded as yet, i hve given 2 months time, then extended to 3 months but 8 months elapsed he is making lame excuses and i m stuck up what to do, he threat me if u sell the plot i will get stay from court. pl advise:
1. if he not respond as yet can i send notice thru court to him to comply notice, secondly can i withheld his biana paid to me as he took 4 month more from the date of biana but not willing to purchase plot.
2. Can he get stay as he is on offence side,

Pl advise on both way where i stand legally?


  1. you dont get worried, you have a favourable situation to confiscate the Biana Money.

    Please file a suit for cancellation of deed in civil court as per terms and condition of agreement, you shall get 100 result in your favour,

    and you have every right to sell it to another party at any time.

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