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Dear sir I was appointed as computer operator in 2011 as a computer operator in a development authority without any entry test and our department appointed about 1200 employees on fixed pay and work charge basis from 2010 to August 2012.
In November 2012 our department regularized all employes leaving my service on fixed pay.
I filed writ petition against my department for secularization of my service as they have regularized junior employes on the same post leaving me on fixed pay.
The honorable high court passed an order to regularized my service as per rules and policy on merit but department didn’t take.any step case.
I went on COC against my department first department replied in COC that Thu have done all work and have submitted his case to.board for consideration and reqularization.
Then again after about 10 dates They said in COC that he is not eligible for the post because he didn’t appeared in exam held on 2015 that’s why he is not eligible for the post ..
While I was appointed in 2011 and all employes senior or junior were regularized leaving me as fixed pay.
The honorable high court decided his case against the petioner.
Dear sir wot should i do now. Should I file the case in supreme court if I m eligible or I resign the job if I m not eligible.


  1. Please file a petition before Supreme Court of Pakistan now.

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