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Dear Sir, My father named Ghullam Shabir Qazi purchased property at noushahro Feroze sindh 4 Acers from his uncle Abdul Hadi Qazi in 1980 . My father passed away in 2000. now in 2013 we sale this property to other party after few day of sale our ex-former file civil suit against us that his father purchased share from our property in 1941 and show reg document of that time . but in 1968 his father also file civil suit and claim same matter but decree was passed in favour of Abdul hadi my fathers’s uncle our advocate place application O-VII R-11 CPC for no cause of action matter is same it hits res-judicata but senior civil judge Noushahro Feroze reject apllication and order that frame issue now we are in revision at District judge Noushahro feroze plz sir help me how to get relief ( because my father purchased property plantiff’s father was also passed away decree already in our favour after decree no appeal was file. DC nawab shah (that time noushahro Feroze in Distt: Nawab Shah Sindh) after order of civil judge place entries in record of rights


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