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Dear Sir,
Now i am living in Dubai and my prime question is that can i give divorce from here without coming in pakistan due to some job related problems.
History is that 10 months ago mery aur wife k darmian sulah hui thi q k 2 saal pehly us ne nano nafky ka dawa kiya tha mery khilaaf ma ne 2 saal usy kharcha diya tha phir ma ne 2 notice talaq k bejy to sulah ho gai per meri biwi k rawayye ma tabdili nai ai ab ma dubai ma hu to wo ethically galat kar rahi ha ma usy faragh karna chahta hu please advice me as best ? +97556227344


  1. Yes, you can give her divorce. we ll prepare divorce deed from here and send you for signature , with tow witnesses u hv to get attested it from oak embassy. v ll get attested it here from foreign office and then same ll be given to send to your wife and concern union council .

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