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Dear Sir,Salaam.I live abroad and one of the beneficiaries in my late fathers’ estate which remains undivided between me and my(former)two brothers and (their)mother.Both of them are unemployed being lazy and inept and have driven my youngest sister from home (in one way or the other)after robbing her of the money she got in inheritance.I don’t know her whereabouts despite my asking repeatedly.
They both want to usurp my and sister’s share.This year rent money they have not sent me. I invited them many times to sit with me to divide the estate but they have not responded to date.
So what should I do?I want to find my sister,get my rent,get my share.I request you to help me sort this out. I will be very grateful to you.
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  1. its simple case,you should file a case for partition of said property and till the decision of case rent should be deposited in court.

    now there is new law for partition and case of partition ll be decided withing 2 months.

    if you have no contact with your sister , you should report this case before local Police.

    if you need to engage a lawyer you may contact us at,

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