Question :

A person is disowning her daughter who is 26 yrs old now. Nikkah Nama was not registered between her parents. The girl has Birth Certificate, Matric, inter and Graduation degree but her CNIC is been blocked by her Father.

Her father filed a case when the baby was born stating that he is not the father. The case was won by her mother in High Court. The girl has the news clipping where it clearly states High Court has ordered that the father was married to her mother and the baby is of them.

Now after 26yrs her father blocked her CNIC, and Nadra is asking for Nikkah Nama which was not registered and a copy is not present with her.

Please suggest what can be done here.


  1. As you said, the matter has already been resolved by the High Court, so there is no need of Nikkah Nama. You should challenge this action of NADRA before the high court without further delay.

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