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My wife has filed dissolution of marriage case against me. Now she has realized that the case is going against her favour. In her claim she has made false allegations against me and my brother. She had filed daily diary report against me and my brother in police station . Now she wants to withdraw the case and get divorce from me outside the court. I want of her to clean whatever she has done in the court and police station. What procedure/Documents should I ask from her to give me every thing neat and clean both in the court and police station so that in future no one could use her allegations in the court and police stations against me and my brother as me and my brother are govt servants.She has targetted the character of me and my brother. Please advice what documents/deeds should I demand from her to clear allegations both in court and police station. She is willing to forgo her haq mehr.I want her to give me everything neat and clean both in the court and police station.Please guide.


  1. If a women filed a suit for dissolution of marriage then court may grant the decree (without any ground) on the basis of Khula in lieu of 25% dower amount or 50 % dower amount.

    its ll be a best option for you if she is ready to settle out of court. It ll be better for you if you engage a lawyer for writing divorce deed.

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