I am a lady of age around 50 years. my father is died 2 years ago, during his life he distributed the property among his sons, his will give more part to one while some part to other and so on to all his sons while not distributed the part of his property to daughters only one sister claim a minor part of it during his life which is not even her half share less than that while others sisters want their part of the property share am also one of them but our father not distribute his property among us and give all his wealth to his sons. now the father is no more with us while sons sold some part of the property as well but much remaining still. kindly help me regarding this if there is any legal way that I can claim my share from the property and if I can claim how it is distributed between us now. please help me and give me some advice am very needy right now and need some help. very thank full to you

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 by r.umer1333


  1. Yes, you may get your share now. you may file a suit for cancellation of earlier transfer or mutation of the property before a civil court. Please engage a lawyer or visit our Islamabad or Rawalpindi office for more consultation.