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I would like to seek advice on a very common scenario which most of overseas Pakistani face in relation to inheritance of family assets. We are 5 brothers and one sister all married, parents deceased. Three brothers are settled overseas and 2 brother and sister live in Pakistan Lahore. We have inherited some agricultural land from father which is leased out to third party for cultivation. On papers there is no division of lands amongst sibling and is owned commonly. Those who live abroad wish to sell the land but those who live in Pakistan oppose selling. Because land ownership is not divided, no one brother can sell unless all agree.
What is the options for brothers living abroad to get their land share and sale their share?
I can provide more info if required.


  1. you have eight to sell your share… .yes, if the suit property is not divided then you must file suit for partition before concern collector court.after partition of property you ll be at liberty to sell your share accordingly, please email us at for further detail,

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