Question :

my father contacted his elder brother for the division of the property which were 7 in numbers, out of which 2 were completely in the name of my father and 1 was in the name of his elder brother. remaining 5 have equal share for them. my elder parental uncle contacted our registered conciliation committee in which my father was forcefully asked to sign on 30 percent share for him on a stamp paer with taqarrur nama and bayan e halfi and remaining for elder parental uncle.
now i want to file a case for the justice and right for me against that committee and elder maternal uncle and if its helpful then also against my father for the sake of my right and for justice legally or simply want to challenge the conciliation.
would it will be enough to invalidate the decision taken by registered committee and court will do justice by dividing the properties on its behalf to maintain justice?


  1. how much is already spent is important ! did you lodge any FIR,…? you can file a suit for partition and cancellation that agreement.

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