Question :

my question is regarding my rights.
i live abroad, came to pakistan for marriage, got married , stayed with my wife for 3 weeks holiday, then flew back abroad. my wife at that time was living in karachi with my parents. after some time we came to know that she has a psychological condition and she also disclosed that she had multiple affair and relations with other men. all this lead to problems between us n our families. she left to live with her parents again. and we asked them to file a KHULA. at first her family acted very innocent and asked for all the gifts , n dowry money they paid us.. and also money for the clothes (for grrom) . once they got all there stuff back they filed a case against me that i earned but did not give my wife money while she was living at her house and also demanded more money from us ( whatever they spent for marriage on there daughter ) ( and she there daughter was mistreated n physically abused- although nothing like that ever happened)
my question is what are my rights regarding this matter?
secondly and most importantly – if i divorce her will all the money they are claiming still be upon me ? what happens if I divorce her ? will that end all these problems my in laws have created?

please reply to me as soon as possible.
thank you


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