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My question is that a man divorced his wife. He belongs to Ahl-e-Hadees sect, he says that he can get her wife back because he gave only 2 divorces, not three.

Actually he gave one divorce, then after 4 months he gave 2nd divorce. Now he says he can get his wife back.

But the wife belongs to Deobandi sect. She has taken a fatwa also from a big madarsa. Fatwa says that divorce has been established and she can not go back.

She herself too doesn’t want to go back due to domestic violence.

Now the husband is not giving divorce papers.

So please guide how to get divorce papers from him?

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  1. Did he gave divorce in written or not….. ? if you have one divorce in written, then you may file application directly for issuance of Talaq effectiveness certificate from concern union council.

    Husband is bound to inform (through written notice) the concern union council (i.e where wife is residing) and also to send a notice for divorce, if he fail to do so he may be liable to be punish for 2 years imprisonment.

    if its only oral divorce then the girl may file a case for divorce before family court on the basis of above said divorce from his husband.

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