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I have a quick question. If someone lives in Pakistan and breaks the ToS ( Terms of Service ) of the Software he/she bought legally via internet by reverse-engineering it, can the US company sue the person according to DMCA law in Pakistan even if there is no DMCA law in Pakistan?



1. Cheat Engine is a well known software to modify your OWN Computer RAM Memory values or addresses. I am referring to it when I use the term “reverse-engineering”.
2. I live in KPK. You probably know that KPK has its own laws and I couldn’t find anything interesting about reverse-engineering. I would really appreciate if you educate me.


  1. I dont know much about regarding reverse engineering, but if it came under copy rights act then that company may sue you in Pakistan. its better to consult some other law firm for this issue.

  2. 25/05/2017

    Thank you very much for your comment. I don’t think it comes under the copyright act:
    However, you’re right. I should consult a law firm.

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