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I have car accident. When I slow down my car near a humps at hassan highway a drunk etios driver hit my car behind in 120km speed from behind I compliant to local police station but they don’t take drink and drive case they forcly confessed me to compliant as speed and rash driving complaint.they give the for copy 4days later And they now are closing complaint as accused driver pay a simple penalty to court a some of 700 rs fine to honnerable court I don’t want let him go with simple punish ment as he loss 145000rs to my car. insurance claim also told togive me 45000 pay from my wallet.


  1. You have right to get register a separate FIR against culprit , or you may get recorded additional version which has not been recorded if already an FIR has been registered. Its better to engage a counsel to take legal action against him as prevailing laws of your country,.

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