In fir 9 people are accused out of 9 two people proved their innocence and additional session judge release them .now 7 are remaining .there is delay of one month in fir No medical evidence No weapon. Sir according to my research if the people are empty-handed section 452 doesn't attract .sir can we do petition quashing of  FIR .a fake fir has been launched against me of section 452 additional session judge can't give me bail now I am in high pe arrest bail in fir I have no weapon no medical and there is a one month delay and there is no evidence can I get bail or not

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 by waleedtahir302


  1. Quashing of FIR shall not be possible at this stage. Yes, you are right empty handed attracts sec 451 which is bailable. So, you ll get bail easily from high court but remember u need to prove malice on the part of Police or complainant.