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I am a student of Bahria University Islamabad. I got admission here after reading an Ad of ‘Evening Classes’ at Bahria university. I specifically got admission in Evening classes because I have a job in morning. Now after a year has passed university administration wants to close evening program and shift all the students to Morning or Weekend classes. I can’t attend weekends because my office is not off on Saturday.

Now, I want to keep attending evening classes because I got admission because of that false Ad. University just used that ad of ‘Evening Classes’ to trick students to get more admissions. Now after a year, students don’t have any choice other than attend classes whenever university wants them to.

What do you think, do I have a case against university?


  1. Bahria University (بحریہ یونیورسٹی‎), is a public research university primarily located in Islamabad, Pakistan and this seems to be violation of fundamental rights of Public at large. you have many option to get your right but in my opinion you should file a writ petition before Islamabad high court.

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