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Hello Sir,
I was going to my area road , here is a dying factory on the way, a labour is throwing wooden blocks to another side, suddenly during my walking a wooden block stuck me on my left side of face , i was lying down and goes to out of sense for 2 hour. my mobile broken ,my lip insidely broken and teath also desprate. how ever some persons pick up me and get a room and the owner of factory also come how ever he asked me about the expedition of all he will afford but i i will not ask him with understanding that its my bad luck. but the main question is that allosts of persons and childrens have face these type of difficulties here.and also all around are effected with it. its fabric dying factory in domestic area. but no body can claim. can i start up with my own incident application to DPO?


  1. you are already late but you still can get register a FIR in local police station,

    on the other hand you may file an application before Environment Protection Department, Punjab – we can also to file your application and later its proceedings to ensure removal of this factory from domestic area as same is not allowed.

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